Energise Galashiels

Gala Remembers Book of Commemoration

Click here to view the Gala Remembers Book of Commemoration.

About Energise Galashiels Trust
Our aim is to provide a focus for engaging with our community, to develop a vision for and deliver actions to improve Galashiels and create a more vibrant, welcoming and confident community.

Thank You from Energise Galashiels Trust
Energise Galashiels Trust would like to extend a huge thanks to all volunteers and local groups who care so passionately about our community.  We hope you enjoy reading the Reviews of the work which has been done in Galashiels.

Please keep up to date with developments and let us know your feedback.

To find out how you can become involved or volunteer, please complete the form on our contact page or get in touch via our social media channels.

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