About us

Energise Galashiels aims to provide a focus for engaging with our community, to develop a vision for and deliver actions to improve Galashiels and create a more vibrant, welcoming and confident community.

Energise Galashiels was established in November 2014, when it merged individuals and groups sharing a vision for a more vibrant, confident and inviting community. Comprising of local volunteers, the group has been awarded charitable status and works alongside Scottish Borders Council, South of Scotland Enterprise and a number of community organisations in the town

Energise Galashiels has four sub-groups, each focusing on a different area:


The aim of this group is to promote attractions, events and projects taking place in Galashiels. Galashiels is a great place to visit, work and live. We aim to use social networks, print and broadcast media to present Galashiels in a positive light, emphasising its considerable strengths: its textiles and design heritage; its hosting of a prestigious University campus; its position as the Rail Gateway to the Scottish Borders.


We want to create a welcoming environment in Galashiels town centre by enhancing the appearance of unoccupied premises. We aim to support the efforts of Scottish Borders Council and retail outlets to make the town centre attractive to businesses, visitors and residents of Galashiels. The centre of Galashiels should be a focus for community events and provide an enjoyable, varied retail experience. Let’s work together to make the heart of Galashiels beat a little stronger.


We want to support groups to deliver major events that enhance community life and benefit our local economy. And we want to think big: attracting and developing events with national potential to draw 100,000 new visitors to Galashiels. We will use our expertise to help events organisers to optimise marketing opportunities. Let’s make things happen.


We believe Galashiels has a bright future. Our aim is to develop innovative projects which contribute to creating a more vibrant, welcoming and confident community. Developing effective and productive relationships with key partners such as Heriot-Watt University, Borders College, ScotBIC and SCOT we aim to assess long-term strategic initiatives and infrastructure developments which will benefit Galashiels. We encourage new and existing enterprises to continually improve products and services.