Energise Galashiels has four sub-groups and over 50 volunteers, each focusing on a different area.

Looking Good – Chairperson – Helen Calder

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 16.47.47Helen Calder has worked in the Galashiels hospitality trade for over 30 years, successfully running a popular Bar & Restaurant and now a Guesthouse Business.
Her interests include walking, food, design and music. She looks forward to the forthcoming ‘100 Bands on the Border’ Music Festival and envisages that this will become the number one event in the Scottish Borders.

Helen’s dedication to making Galashiels shine is very admirable. With the railway arriving back into the Scottish Borders, she feels that opportunities have arisen to put our wonderful town and the surrounding area of outstanding beauty, back on the top of the list of places to visit. A dedicated member of Energise Galashiels, Helen will ensure we seize and capture this ‘Olympian Moment’.

Helen’s favourite quote is, ‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another. Take the time to help shine the light of another, it will do wonders for your sparkle!’
All this aside, family time is the most precious time for Helen. She is semi-retired and married to Ian, mother to two daughters and grandmother of four beautiful spirited children. For Helen, memory making moments are very precious and dear.

Events – Chairperson – John Gray

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 16.48.42Johnny Gray is a well-known figure in the town having devoted countless hours to organisations such as the Braw Lads Gathering, Gala Rugby Club and Gala in Bloom.

Growing up in Galashiels introduced Johnny to a lifetime enjoyment of sport. His passion and dedication for the Rugby Game throughout the years has been remarkable. Many young people (although they may not know of Johnny) are still benefiting from this strength in the town to this day.

A Gala man at heart, Johnny believes in buying local and supporting small businesses. He regularly visits local, family owned shops such as Dalgetty’s bakery and Noble’s butcher’s – for a real taste of the town. He enjoys the local Panto and Opera for their fun and for bringing a real sense of community spirit.

When asked ‘what will we showcase’ – he believes our key visitor attractions are the War Memorial and Old Gala House, purely for their design and the insights they give into the town’s history.

He describes The Braw Lads’ Gathering as a part of the year, which brings the town together – friends and families from far afield reuniting on their home turf: “Nothing can beat that.”